title. project 1

date. 15,250 BC

city. Galicia, Spain, Europe

Client: República Libre de Barbanzá; Galicia, Spain.

Cup and ring marks or cup marks are a form of prehistoric art found mainly in Atlantic Europe – Ireland (Complete), Wales, England (North), France (Brittany), Portugal, Finland, Scotland and Spain (Galicia) – and in Mediterranean Europe – Italy (North-West, Sardinia), Greece (Thessalia) as well as in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden) and Switzerland (Caschenna site - Graubunden). Similar forms are also found throughout the world including Australia, Gabon, Greece, Hawaii, India(Daraki-Chattan), Israel, Mexico and Mozambique.
They consist of a concave depression, no more than a few centimetres across, pecked into a rock surface and often surrounded by concentric circles also etched into the stone. Sometimes a linear channel called a gutter leads out from the middle. The decoration occurs as a petroglyph on natural boulders and outcrops and also as an element of megalithic art on purposely worked megaliths such as the slab cists of the Food Vessel culture, some stone circles and passage graves such as the clava tombs and on the capstones at Newgrange.

In very shot words, this is the basis of our rounded design.

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